About Us

The Bulk Store is a family business that opened in February of 1986, at Six Mile Road & Newburgh in Livonia. It was started by Steve Sikora and seven of his family members: Richard, Antoinette, Keith, Denise, Ken, Joe & Sophie. Upon getting married in 1990, Steve's wife, Jill, soon became his business partner as well. As time passed, many of the family moved on to pursue other interests. After 7 years of hard work and long hours, it was decided that the peak of The Bulk Store’s growth and success had been reached at the Livonia location.

In February 1993, The Bulk Store left Livonia and moved to the corner of Northline & Pardee in Taylor. It has been there for 23 years, serving customers both near and far. Aside from Steve & Jill’s contribution, The Bulk Store owes a great deal of its success to its staff. While most of its associates have stayed for several years, the store is very fortunate to currently have two managers, Sharyn & Kelsey, who have been helping operate the store for 22 & 16 years respectively.

Perhaps the most rewarding and emotional moments of the business came about as the second generation of Sikoras, Julia & Steven, started working at the store and eventually began to manage. While both are currently pursuing careers since getting their college degrees, it is always nice when they stop in to say hello or lend a hand.

Our first website launched in 2006 to keep up with the rapid changes in technology and continue business growth. Many people found our store online and made their way to our location to check us out. Even more people called us from across the country and asked to ship our goodies to them.

In 2011, Joe came back to become a vital part of the business by setting up a new online eCommerce site. His knowledge and skills have been an incredible asset in our recent growth, leading up to the store’s most recent site development presented today. Be sure to frequently visit our store and our site, as we are always adding new items while we continue to grow!