Licorice Snaps

Licorice Snaps are on their way as of September 14, 2020! We just put in our order with the manufacturer for the season and look forward to getting them very soon. You may place your order with us now and we will pack and ship your order the same day the Snaps arrive at our store.

Original Licorice Snaps by American Licorice are back! After being discontinued a few years ago, a limited production run was made of this old school candy favorite. We stocked up, as we knew everyone would want them long after they were available from the supplier, so get some while we still have a bunch! Order today for quick shipping to your door!

Price is per 12 oz. bag

In stock
Original Licorice Snaps from American Licorice are back for a very limited time! We currently have plenty in stock, but be sure to get them before they are all Snapped up!