Harry Potter Chocolate Frog

Hop to it and catch one of these Harry Potter Chocolate Frogs made of milk chocolate with crisped rice. As if just the tasty chocolate amphibian isn't enough, each frog comes with one of 16 available wizard cards for you to collect!

If you're keeping track of your Collectible Wizard Cards, here's a list of the set so you'll know when you've got them all!

• Gilderoy Lockhart
• Madam Pince
• The Potter Family
• Rubeus Hagrid
• Voldemort
• Severus Snape
• Myron Wagtail & Heathcote Barbary
• Filius Flitwick
• Pomona Sprout
• Madam Rolanda Hooch
• Donaghan Tremlett & Myron Wagtail
• Quirinus Quirrell
• Mr. Ollivander
• Albus Dumbledore
• Minerva McGonagall
• Orsino Thruston & Myron Wagtail

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